2024 CD6 Convention
Saturday, May 4th at the Mayer Lutheran High School 

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A bastion of common sense conservatism, Minnesota’s Sixth Congressional District has been represented by the GOP for over 70 of its 114 years in existence. With leadership from Congressmen like Charles Lindbergh, Harold Knutson and Vin Weber, to Rod Grams, Mark Kennedy, Michele Bachmann, and today, Congressman Tom Emmer, the 6th has been in the forefront of the movement to protect our natural rights and ensure the continued prosperity of our great nation. 

So solid are the GOP’s roots in the 6th, it’s worth noting that the Minnesota Republican Party itself was born in the Washington County town of Stillwater back in 1854, as one of the first branches of the GOP in the entire nation. From those humble beginnings, Minnesota Republicans have worked to end slavery, preserve the Union, and ensure the adoption of women’s suffrage. Today, 6th district Republicans are continuing to build on those great traditions as we fight for equal rights, traditional values, the protection of the unborn, lower taxes, and a smaller more responsive government.

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Local Republican organizations like ours cannot be effective, or even survive, without strong volunteers. We'd like to give a huge "THANKS!" to all of you who volunteered this past year!

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