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The CD6 Republicans, in partnership with BPOUs and the State Party have already opened 3 (updated) FOUR Victory Offices in the District. These offices will play a key role in helping elect Republicans to Statewide, Congressional, and State House seats, but we need your help.

We have eager and motivated staff working full time at these offices, with some great new tools to make calls and collect the critical Voter ID data needed to win. But the skilled staff can't do all the work. We need volunteers!

Here are the locations of our 4 Victory Offices with staff contact info and social media links.

Blaine/Circle Pines - Main 612-352-7655

3533 - 88th Ave. NE
Blaine, MN 55014
Staffer: Ryan 651-295-3601 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Facebook page

St. Cloud - Main 320-333-9616

4132 - 2nd St. S
St. Cloud, MN 56301
Staffer: Dustin 612-360-5744 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Facebook page


10580 - 10th St.
Waconia, MN 55387
Staffer: Andrew 952-564-9089 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Facebook page

9766 Fallon Ave.
Monticello, MN 55362
Staffer: Tripp 763-219-0408 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Facebook page

Please contact the offices and volunteer to help elect our endorsed Republicans.

Here are the endorsed Republican candidates for the 2014 election cycle. The following would serve Legislative Districts entirely or partially within the 6th Congressional District or Statewide offices.

Find out which District you live in by clicking here.

Note: The Minnesota Senate is not up for reelection until 2016. Statewide races are endorsed at the Republican State Convention which will be held on May 30th & 31st in Rochester.

  Candidate Links  
 US House Tom Emmer Facebook - Web - Twitter  Open (R)
US Senate Mike McFadden
Facebook - Web - Twitter  (D)
  Candidate Links  
Governor & Lt. Gov. Jeff Johnson & Bill Kuisle  Facebook - Web - Twitter  (D)
Secretary of State Dan Severson  Facebook - Web - Twitter  OPEN (D)
Attorney General Scott Newman  Facebook - Web - Twitter  (D)
Auditor Randy Gilbert  Facebook - Web - Twitter  (D)
MN House
Candidate Website  
13 A Jeff Howe Facebook - Web  Incumbent
13 B Tim O'Driscoll Web  Incumbent
14 A Tama Theis  Twitter  Incumbent
14 B Jim Knoblach Web  (D)
15 A Sondra Erickson Web  Incumbent
15 B Jim Newberger Web  Incumbent
29 A Joe McDonald Web  Incumbent
29 B Marion O'Neill Web  Incumbent
30 A Nick Zerwas Facebook - Web  Incumbent
30 B Eric Lucero Web -  Open (R)
31 A Kurt Daudt Web  Incumbent
31 B Tom Hackbarth Web  Incumbent
35 A Abigail Whelan Facebook - Web - Twitter  Open (R)
35 B Peggy Scott Facebook - Web -  Incumbent
37 A Mandy Benz Facebook - Web - Twitter  (D)
37 B Tim Sanders Facebook - Web - Twitter  Incumbent
38 A Linda Runbeck Web  Incumbent
38 B Matt Dean Web  Incumbent
39 A Bob Detmer Web  Incumbent
39 B Kathy Lohmer Web  Incumbent
47 A  No endorsement
   Open (R)

Tom Emmer won the endorsement of the CD6 Republicans today with 76% of the vote on Saturday April 12, 2014.

Congratulations to him, his family, and his campaign team for a well run and successful campaign.

Emmer for Congress

Chairman Yurczyk had the following to say,

"The CD6 Republicans congratulate Tom Emmer on earning our endorsment on Saturday.  Mr. Emmer received 76% of the vote on the first ballot.  We appreciate the time and effort he spent travelling the district to meet with delegates and gain their support.

We look forward to working alongside Mr. Emmer to help him spread his message of fiscal discipline to voters throughout the 6th District.  His straight-talk and unmatched work-ethic make him uniquely positioned to earn the support of voters in the Primary and on Election Day."



State Party Convention and State Central Meeting Dates:

  • State Central Committee Meeting: Thursday May 29th in Rochester
    (SCC Delegates and Alternates were elected in 2013)
    Major business to include: elections for Deputy Chair, Secretary, and new Affiliate approvals.
  • State Party Convention: May 30 & 31 in Rochester
    Major business to include: endorsements for Governor, US Senate, Auditor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, and Platform Resolutions.
  • MNGOP Convention info and lodging resources.

Resources that may be helpful for this year's convention.


Tom Emmer won the 6th Congressional District Republican straw poll conducted at tonight’s precinct caucuses. 

“Congratulations to tonight’s winner, Tom Emmer,” said Luke Yurczyk Chairman of the 6th Congressional District Republicans.  “Tonight’s caucuses are the start of a process that will culminate in the endorsement of a candidate at our 6th District convention.  We look forward to carrying the energy of our caucus attendees through the convention season and on to Election Day.  We also want to thank our BPOU volunteers, caucus conveners, and attendees for their hard work in orchestrating this important grassroots process.

With over 2100 caucus attendees voted in the CD6 Straw Poll, a non-binding preference poll of caucus attendees in precincts throughout the 6th Congressional District.  The 6th Congressional District Republican Convention will be held on Saturday, April 12th at the Monticello High School.  Delegates to that convention will vote on which candidate will receive the Republican endorsement in the race to succeed Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. 

Results with 100% of Precincts reporting.

Congresswoman Bachmann announced her decision not to seek a 5th term in Congress this morning.

CD6 Republicans leadership released this statement:

"We thank Congresswoman Bachmann for her years of hard work for the people of the 6th congressional district and her unflinching commitment to conservative principles.   Her voice and tireless efforts will be missed in Congress, but we trust she will continue to be a strong advocate for conservative, Constitutional government. "

Donate to the CD6 Republicans to help ensure we have the resources to keep CD6 in Republican hands.

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann will start running a TV ad reminding Minnesotans how she is fighting to prevent Obamacare's disastrous effects from taking place.

You can see the ad here.

By T.W. Budig at the Star News

Sixth District Congresswoman Michele Bachmann visited the State Capitol on Monday, March 18, to advocate for two north metro transportation projects.

Flanked by a semi-circle of Republican legislators and local leaders, Bachmann pushed for funding lane additions on Interstate 94 — a business-life artery, said one business leader — and dollars for improvements on heavily traveled Highway 10.

“One thing we all know is politics is a team sport,” said Bachmann, touting her own efforts by citing hundreds of meetings with district officials and speaking of shared resolve on transportation.

A parade of business leaders stepped to the podium to stress the importance of Highway 10 and I-94 to their businesses.

Read the rest here

Chair: Luke Yurczk

Deputy Chair: Heather Todd

State Vice Chair: Jen Niska

Treasurer & Finance Director: Andy Aplikowski (Designee to be appointed March 26)

Secretary: Evan Siljander

Outreach Coordinator: Stacy Morse

Wright County Vice Chair: Jameson Wakefield

Carver County Vice Chair: Frank Long

Benton County Vice Chair: Carol Rupar

Stearns County Vice Chair: Tom Ellenbecker

Sherburne County Vice Chair: Joel Gindele

Anoka County Vice Chair: Jim Bendtsen

Washington County Vice Chair: Eric Langness

CD6 Representative Nick Zerwas 30A was profiled by ABC Newspapers.

Elk River Republican State Rep. Nick Zerwas, District 30A, is a rookie in the Minnesota Legislature this session, but he is learning the ropes very quickly by introducing several bills.

The 32-year-old state legislator looks at his role as another challenge in life and he has had many.

Many may not know that Zerwas has been battling heart problems all of his life. He has had 10 open heart surgeries, the last one being in 2007. He was even on the heart transplant list at a younger age.

Zerwas is a champion of community service and does not regard his health issues as an impediment to success in politics. “I hit my doors last summer during the campaign when door knocking,” he proudly says. Traveling from his office in the State Office Building to the State Capitol, Zerwas admits that reaching the incline in the tunnel is also challenging.

Being in the minority party has not stopped Zerwas from cranking out legislation in three major areas:

Read the rest

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